Saurer Daimler 6DM/10DM

Swiss truck manufacturer: Adolph Saurer, AG (defunct -
Purchased by Daimler AG in 1980's)  
Saurer D4KT-B I6 Turbo diesel
FBW-PG10 10 Speed electro-pnuematic gearbox

Considered by many to be the Swiss watch of heavy
trucks.   Very well engineered and trucks of high quality
and capability.   Suitable numbers were produced and in
surplus still that they warrant mention in this list.   
Steyr - 12M16

Austrian  truck manufacturer:  Steyr-Daimler-Puch
(Now defunct - production turned over to MAN/VW)
Daimler/Steyr WD612 I6 Turbo Diesel  
7 Speed ZF gearbox.

Most North Americans will recognize this as the
1078M, or LMTV.  Stewart and Stevenson licensed the
design from Steyr back in the 1990's.   Unlike the US
military version the austrian version is a manual gearbox
and coil sprung at all 4 corners.   
Updated Stery 12M18 models turned into overland vehicles.
Pair of converted Saurer 6DM Trucks
FSC Star 266 6x6

Polish  truck manufacturer: FSC Star (Owned by MAN)
Star 359/359M I6 Diesel
S5-45 5 Speed.

Cab forward design, very basic but rugged truck.   
Modern variants mirror the MAN series trucks but at
lower cost.  Later models come with MAN D08 diesel
motors and ZF 6 speed gearboxes.  
Star-MAN 266M DOKA
Tatra 810

Czech Republic  truck manufacturer:  Tatra sprol

Renault DXi7 240 I6, Intercooled Turbo Diesel (Euro 3)
ZF 6 speed manual gearbox

Super capable modern offering from Tatra, configured in
4x4 and 6x6 models.  Truck has the distinction of being
able to navigate the highest artificial obstruction by a
wheeled truck 7.5 meter high 55 degree incline.   
Kraz 255b

Ukraine truck manufacturer: Kraz-AvtoKraz
YaMZ-238 14.9L V8 Turbo Diesel
YaMZ-236N  5 Speed

Massive 6x6 heavy lift vehicle.   Renowned for it's ability
to plow through obstacles more than navigate. At nearly
10 feet high and nearly 8 feet wide the truck is used
mainly as a prime mover and often in forestry
Latest model Kraz 6322
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2017 Model 810-C 6x6
Central - Eastern European Manufacturers:
Swiss and Austrian makers such as Adolph Saurer, one of the best built trucks in the world according to many,   and Steyr which is famous for producing the small but
nimble Pinzgauer and Haflinger.   Here we see entries by a relatively unknown FSC Star from Poland.  While not well known outside of Poland the truck maker, now part
of the MAN Group,  is noted as making sturdy and affordable trucks.    The famous Tatra gets a mention due to the somewhat rare 810 series trucks , which some would
say is the most capable 6x6 and 8x8/10x10 etc in the world.  Finally ending with the not well known but monstrous  Kraz 255b.   While some of these trucks might make
a very affordable overland or off road service vehicle,  such as the Star,  some are a major investment such as the Tatra 810 coming at easily six figures.  

Coming Soon - Russian and Belarus Manufacturers