Renault TRM 2000/10000

French truck manufacturer:  Renault (AB Volvo)
Renault 3.6L 4 cyl Diesel  /V8 Deutz (10000)
ZF- 5 speed

Available in either 4x4 or 6x6.  Trucks are noted to be
mildly capable off road and with some modifications can
be made to be much more off road capable.  Later
models like the Kerax have an excellent reputation.  
Magirus-Deutz 232 D16

German  truck manufacturer:  Magirus (Iveco - CNH
Deutz 12L V8 Aircooled Diesel
8 Speed ZF gearbox.

Capable off and on road,  very strong reliable Deutz
aircooled motor.   These trucks are noted to be
workhorses and are quite capable off road for carrying
heavy loads.
Magirus-Iveco Impact/Dragon FireFighting Vehicles 6x6/8x8
        Renault Kerax 6x6 Rally Truck
MAN/VW FAE 8.136

German truck manufacturer: MAN (Volkswagen)
MAN/VW D0226 , I6
ZF - 6 speed.

Cab forward design, economical yet capable 7,500 kg
truck.   Very nimble in tight quarters for a full sized 7.5
ton truck.    
MAN Rheinmetall HX
Mercedes Zetros 3643A

German  truck manufacturer:  Mercedes (Daimler)

Mercedes OM926LA I6 Turbo Intercooled 428 hp
(euro 3)
MB VG 16 speed with 2 speed reverse.

Very capable later model 4x4/6x6 from a long line of
4x4/6x6 military all wheel drive trucks.   Highly sought
after for overland use.   Probably one of the most road
and off road capable trucks made.  Cruises at 110 plus
Mowag Bucher Duro III

Swiss truck manufacturer: Bucher-Guyer - (General
Dynamics ELS)
Cummins 5.9L 6 Cyl Turbo Diesel
Allison S2000 5 Speed automatic

Highly capable truck used by the Swiss military,
somewhat rare.   Often used for Overland conversions
due to the low profile yet higher ground clearance.    
Mowag Bucher Duro III Danish Army
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Specialty Mercedes Zetros Dual Cab
Central/Western European Manufacturers:
Central European/Western European manufacturers are still dominated by German makers like Mercedes and MAN/VW.   The French market is domestically dominated
by Renault although some notable mentions from prior decades like Saviem, Simca and a few others were once the favorites for those needing an off road capable truck in
the 1960's - 1980's.    One relatively new comer to the traditional truck market is Volkswagen who acquired one of Germany's largest truck makers in the 90's M.A.N
which is a company founded in 1758.     Here we also see some interesting Swiss makers such as Mowag , now owned by General Dynamics European Land Systems.