Occasionally we get offers of various off road vehicles from manufacturers most buyers in North America have never heard of.    We will offer them here along
with information regarding the more common examples in the market. This is really on a sampling as there are other manufacturers but often they are rare and
hard to find such as older makes like Hannomag,  Saviem,  Simca.  When we started nearly no one had heard of Tatra trucks, today it is one of the most
respected heavy off road movers in the world.   


       European manufacturers and models  noted for their terrain navigation/capability :

Sisu - SA-150

Finnish truck manufacturer:  Oy Sisu-Auto Ab
Valmet 6 cyl Model 611 diesel
ZF- 6 speed, 2-stage manual gearbox

Features a 100 km/h top road speed, very good offroad
capability due to frame torsion and flexing.  Some
examples have been made into forestry, snow removal
and overland vehicles in the Scandinavian countries.
Scania TGB30/SBA111

Swedish truck manufacturer:  Scania, AB
Scania  6 cyl Model D11 diesel
Scania GA763

Rugged yet functional offering from renowned Swedish
truck maker.   
Scania Blackclaw 6x6 off road tipper
         Sisu ETP 8x8
Volvo C303/TGB11

Swedish truck manufacturer:  Volvo, AB
Volvo  6 cyl Model B30 Petrol
Volvo S4-18 5 speed

Top road speed of 100 km/h,  cheap reliable Volvo
B30A motor.    Dakar Rally Winner under 10tons
Volvo FMX 8x8
Bedford TM 6-6

UK  truck manufacturer:  Vauxhall/Bedford (now
Bedford 500 Turbo, Detroit 8V92/6V92, Cummins L10
Fuller/Spicer Gearbox various speeds

Rugged medium lift truck with decent off road
capabilities.  Despite being from a defunct manufacturer
these trucks shared many NATO specified parts.
Sufficient numbers of these trucks were produced to
make it a viable choice.  
DAF YA4440

Netherlands truck manufacturer: DAF - Now part of the
Paccar Group (USA)
DAF DT615 Diesel
DAF 6 Speed

Medium range 6x6/4x4 truck with sufficient off road
capabilities.  Numerous variants with everything from
cranes, mobile kitchens to radio box type trucks.  Some
trucks will be listed as DAF/Leyland (UK) Numerous
DAF Dakar Rally titles.  
DAF Rally Truck
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Northern European Manufacturers:
Bedford TM Converted to overland camper