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Few vehicles are are as specialized as the Unimog.    Starting in 2002 Daimler-Chrysler started to re-import the  Unimog into
North America in conjunction with its subsidiary Freightliner LLC.  From 2002 through 2007 Daimler-Chrysler sold fewer than  
500 units in Canada and the US,  which may have led to their quitting the market in 2007.

These UGN series unimogs differered slightly from their European market counterparts in order to comply with North
American FMVSS/EPA regulations.   These models are still offered within the European market and on a limited basis as
secondary market vehicles  here in North America.  

The UGN may be the most adaptable Unimogs made,  they are equally at home with agricultural operations as well as an off
and on road expedition vehicle platform.    The are offered in a range of power and weight configurations.    From the lightest
U300 at 7,500 kg to the heavier U500 at a max of 16,500 kg.   Power output can range from approximately 160 HP in the  4.2L
OM904LA (4 cyl)  to nearly 300 plus HP in the 6.3L OM906LA (6 cyl) .   Increases from 20-100 plus HP can be had through the
use of relatively easy to install and inexpensive tuning modules.  
Both engines are found in a number of North American vehicles from Freightliner trucks , Freightliner Sprinter vans and  
Bluebird buses.   
The UGN series trucks offer a spacious modern cab configuration,  the use of the Tiptronic shifting system makes operation
easier quicker than previous manual methods.   The quick-change Variopilot allows you to drive safely in nearly every right
hand or left hand drive market on the planet without costly or time consuming conversions.    The steering and pedal assembly
is moved from LHD to RHD in a matter of minutes.   If you are driving your expedition vehicle from South Africa through
countries with LHD or just using a UGN truck to mow roadsides,  the Variopilot can be a valuable feature.
In older Unimog models service was always a challege,  the quick and easy cab tilt mechanism and extensive OM90X series
motor use throughout North America and beyond means better parts availability and service points when it comes to the

If you are interested in options for the UGN series of Unimogs please feel free to contact us.


Not All UGN Models are eligible for US/Canadian Import.  
Other Options Available At Cost.  Tax, Title, & Registration are the responsibility of the buyer

e can provide a valid Vermont Registration and Temp Plates for the applicable fee
(please note that Vermont Does not and will not issue a title on vehicles older than 15

Prices Subject to change without notice.  
Each truck comes with inspection, service and upgrades as needed or requested.