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UNIMOG - TATRA - MAN - Mercedes  
Medium and Heavy Off Road Trucks
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November 12, 2018

2001 U300  -  Cab-Chassis, Variopilot system, 4 circuit hydraulics,
good working order.  Recent service.  Ref ID: HU-U300L

1993 VW/MAN 8.13 Series 4x4  Compact and capable cab-
over design truck.  2 Models available.   Ref ID: VWMAN8

1985-92 Ural 4320  - Original Cab-Chassis condition.  Nearly
New.  Low Price  -  Several models factory refurbished less than 50km
Ref ID:  PL-55-4320/7

1987 U1300 OD Green-    Damaged brake system.  Runs/drives
brakes lose pressure.          $14,500 AS IS    Ref ID: U435-CGREV

1987 Kraz 255b -Clean Finnish Army truck, well maintained
Ref ID: DG-255b

1981 - 84  416 Fire Trucks - Ranging from 416 2 door, stock
model  to nearly untouched 416 Half Doka with High speed axles, disk brakes,
functional pump,  ROPS , nearly new condition.   2 Models    Ref ID: UVN-5X

2004 Mercedes Actros - 6x6 198,000 km, excellent condition
Ref ID:  IM-MA5543

1994 Unimog U1600  -Former Forestry training unit,  24 speed,
Hydaulics front and rear, PTO dual speed front/rear, rear tipper bed.  Good
condition.        Ref ID:  U1600-DFST

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