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2007 U500-  

                                   Ref ID:  UGN-07500
2010 U400   -

             Ref ID:  UGN-11400
2007 Zetros 4x4  - Excellent Condition -

                                        Ref ID: ZETROS-07                                   

1998 Unimog 435  Very Well Constructed Expedition - Details Soon!

                                                Ref ID: 98-435/PKR

1960 - 1975 S404.1 404.0  Models
The 404 Models are becoming rare in good working order.   We still have excellent
connections in Europe for clean and collectible 404 models that have not been abused on or
off road.   

                              Ref ID:404-RADDE      Ref ID: 404-HEN            


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Medium and Heavy Off Road Trucks
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