One of the fastest growing segments of our market is the Expedition vehicle market.   Over the past five years we have seen a dramatic jump from what used to be 5-
10% of all truck imports to nearly 40% in 2014.    As that market expands we hope to provide not only European sourced turn-key expedition vehicles but also offer
suitable base vehicles from which partnered local fabricators can custom build an expedition setup to your liking.  

Base Vehicles:

  •                Unimog MBE\SBU Series -   as a base vehicle under 7.5 tons the Unimog is unparalleled.   As a 4x4 all wheel drive truck the performance in
    difficult terrain is exceptional.  That coupled with a very stable performance provides for the perfect base vehicle for a light cruiser or short term expedition
    vehicle.  The tried and proven drive train of the Unimog means exceptional reliability world wide.  The Mercedes network of parts outlets across the globe is
  • Unimog UGN Series Trucks -  U300-U500.  The most modern and capable on-road/off road unimogs.   GVW ranges from 7,500 to 16,800 kg.   
    OM904LA 4.2L and OM906LA 6.8L motors (177hp - 300+hp).   Some models are domestic US/North American market vehicles.  Tempomat assisted
    shifting system,  common motor with excellent support in North America and beyond.  

  •                Unimog SBU - Heavy Duty Series -  later model vehicles (1990-2010) often with higher capacity gross vehicle weight ratings and longer
    wheelbase.  These trucks while often more of an investment than a 20 year old U1550,  will offer a greater weight range,  longer footprint and more on-road
    driveability comfort.

  •                Mid-Range 7.5 Ton  -  MAN Kat,  MAN 8,20 & OAF ,  Steyr 12M18,  Mercedes Series 6x6:   These model trucks offer the best value and
    performance for a heavier off road expedition camper.  Chosen for their performance and reliability  these trucks are often well proven long distance haulers iwth
    capacities up to 10 tons.   Many will take a 5 - 8 meter box with no detriment to performance.  

  •                Heavy Range 10-20 Ton -   Tatra 6x6/8x8,  MAN Kat 8x8,  Man OAF, Mercedes Actros:   The higher capacity trucks are often used for long
    range cruising/expeditions and are chosen for their exceptional all around performance.  The best performing truck of these is the Tatra series trucks,  the Tatra is
    to the 6x6/8x8 market what the Unimog is to 4x4's.   It has a phenomenal off road capability without sacrifice of performance and load capability.   The Tatra
    marque does not have the support network that would be found with the larger manufacturers,  however outside the US there is a network for service and parts
    vendors in many of the more remote locations.      The MAN series trucks are fairly ubiquitous in the heavy/long range Expedition vehicle market,  their reliability
    and ease of use make for a perfect marriage for the expedition traveller.    Like the Tatra MAN parts and service and somewhat limited,  however the trucks
    have proven to be quite reliable and the KHD/Duetz motors are fairly well known worldwide.   

     If you are considering a light turnkey expedition vehicle or an extended trek with a heavier vehicle please feel free to email us and we are always happy to discuss
your expectations and budget.   Even if you are merely educating yourself on options we always welcome the contact.

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