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U900 - U1100
U900/406 Model Information Here
          U1100/416  Model Information Here

Double Cabin (DOKA) models have become very rare now that production
ceased over nearly 30 years ago.    We will custom source 416 DOKA and
half DOKA models from specialty sources in Germany, France and
Belgium.  Most of these models are clean original firetrucks as they tend to
be the most cost effective examples in very good to excellent condition.    
Restored models are available but prices over $65,000 USD are
common.      Please email for more information.
Due to safety and liability reasons we do not import many U900/406
models.   Since we feel these models were primarily meant for agricultural,
forestry and limited utility use we limited to the import to these specialty
uses.    The 406 was truly a tractor in it's nature and designed, while many
are on the road as trucks,  we feel the best use of these vehicles is their
intended use.    Their use was designed to be the tractor you could use to
move equipment between fields ,  make limited distance deliveries with and
serve dual tractor/truck use.   If you are looking to source a restored
example please contact us and we are happy to provide you with some
current models available.